Advantages of window film for property security

The window safety and security laminate are highly in use nowadays as the security managers know how helpful it can be against forced entry and blast mitigation. Some important factors in selecting the right solution for your specific requirements are

1. Protection Against Forced Entry

The primary purpose of the laminate is to help prevent an intruder from accessing the door lock in glass doors and sidelights. Our products provide all such protection in a highly effective manner. Strong bonding can be achieved with the help of our Adhesive system so as to prevent the tempered glass from breaking away along the edge when damaged. If a lower level of protection is acceptable, our thinner basic polyester films can be installed. With our products, protection is strong and forced entry is extremely difficult.

2. Bomb Blasts and Blast Mitigation Protection

As for natural disasters, a bomb blast also turns unprotected glass into dangerous flying shards. In blast mitigation, tear-resistance and flexibility is most crucial. When a blast occurs, high tear resistance of our films helps protect the occupants from hazardous glass fragments. Our films are made to expand to absorb a blast and offer the best performance in blast tests. These Safety and Security Window films have even proven themselves in real-world situations to have reduced the damage from bomb blasts and protect several lives. 

3. Impact Protection Attachment System

Our Impact Protection Attachment System makes sure that the glass remains inside the frame even in case of an explosion. This is because of our strong bonding system, which prevents the entire glass pane from detaching from the frame and entering the building.

4. Bullet Resistant Glazing

For ballistic protection, security films installed on standard commercial insulated windows does not provide enough protection against penetration of bullets from firearms but, it surely creates a false sense of security for those who think it does.

5. Laminate Construction

Overall thickness and the number of layers are needed for laminate construction. Usually, the thicker the laminate, the higher is the break strength, and the more layers in the laminate, the higher is the tear strength. At least 7 times the tear resistance of the equivalent thickness of the basic polyester laminates is offered by the microlayers in our new technology laminate. In order to reduce the degradation of this protection, these safety and security films are also protected by a UV inhibitor and an abrasion resistant coating which helps to resist scratching. To reduce solar heat or glare, we also offer Security/Solar Combination films.

With Armorcoat safety film, applied to your existing glazing, we can help you drastically increase your level of protection and save lives.

Without the window film, an intruder can break through and enter the glass window in about 10 seconds. But for a glass window with a layer of Armorcoat, it would take him more than 90 seconds(a minute and a half). Hence this film is highly recommended for all school windows, homes, buildings and cars. Our Safety and Security Window Film is an efficient and economical product that strengthens glass and imparting extra protection layer for students, teachers and staff. You may see and know how it slows intruders offering precious time for help to arrive.

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