Solar Safety with Armorcoat®

Our Solar control safety films are a strong combination of our Solar Window films and Clear Safety films. These films provide high-quality security through tough and durable layers of high-tensile polyester and strong adhesives which is important for impact-resistant security.

Key Safety Benefits

  • Provides exceptional blast and impact-resistant capabilities​

  • Protects from broken glass and air-borne debris

  • Holds broken glass shards in place in order to avoid any mishappening for passersby

  • Secures broken glass which makes the rescue and cleanup process safe and efficient

  • Protects from the bad effects of solar radiation

Key Comfort Benefits

  • Light transmission ranging from 20-72 

  • Improved indoor comfort as a result of high heat rejection

  • Protects people and property from damaging UV rays

Film Options & Performance

Performance measured on 1/8” (3mm) thick clear glass.


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