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 Window Fixer
Window Cleaning

Graffiti and vandalism are high priced and it's difficult to put them back in their original condition. In an effort to reduce its impact on your operations and reputation, Window Protect can resolve these things. Revenue is lost and reputation is spoiled whenever an escalator or train is out of service, or equipment is vandalized. Window Protect anti-graffiti films swiftly and at low costs wipes out the graffiti and vandalism- back as original.  Our diverse set of anti-vandalism products safeguard a variety of bare surfaces from graffiti and vandalism.

  • Graffitigard™

A sacrificial barrier between vandals and the original glass surface. Quick installation and very easy to replace also protecting the original glass surface. Reduces costs and interruptions in operations. Undetectable, while protecting against scratching.

  • Graffitigard™ 4PLUS

The invisible, optically clear polyester film provides maximum visibility. Protects the surface from acid etching, scratching and permanent markers which are the most usual forms of vandalism. Multi-layer construction provides a more profitable alternative to single application protection. 

  • Armorcoat®

Protects people and property from flying glass, due to explosive blast or rock throwing. Significantly speeds up rescue and cleanup efforts.  Reduces costs and interruptions in operations​.

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